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A downloadable game for Windows

What is it about?

You are looking at a game where you start, well… from nothing. What is nothing you ask? In true nothingness there’s no space, no time, and most importantly - no Chaos. You start as a small singularity, with yet no complex parts to yourself, but as you gather more and more components of reality, you gain various abilities with which you continue your journey,  gradually declining into disorder…


Movement:  WASD
Shooting: Hold Left Mouse Button
Aim: Cursor
Black-Hole: Click Right Mouse Button

Dialogue: Space/LMB/RMB

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[1.0.1] The door to the boss room opens properly instead of halfway

[1.0.2] More lights are added for player to navigate easily

[1.0.3] Game doesnt crash anymore after player’s death Enemie’s size adjusted to it’s complexity in a more appropriate manner Player’s speed increased, enemie’s decreased

[1.0.4] Ending scene doesn’t glitch anymore Music in boss room isn’t too loud, and overall sounds were balanced

[1.0.5] Better optimization, but still may lag on older devices, or when lots of enemies surround you

[1.0.6] We really wanted players to see the full game, so the overall difficulty of enemies was drastically decreased and overall scene is not as dark for easier navigation, and visibility range was slightly increased!

[1.0.7] Dialogues are easier to understand now, Fixed an exploit where the boss could be killed from range


- Fixed a bug where after finishing a dialogue it opened again, changed color of lights in one of the rooms to green so that player subconciously knows its a safe route

- Many people wanted harder boss so I just increased his lifes and size of bullet.

- People really wanted particles when enemies die, so I added something simple, however, you dont have to take specifically these particles into account when rating.
- Black-Hole was hard to see during boss fight, its now much easier to see it.

Install instructions

1. Unzip the package
2. Run 'Never Ending Entropy.exe'
3. Don't forget to leave feedback!


Never Ending 33 MB


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Amazing game! Originally, upon first launch, it lagged so badly I was near quitting playing because "I'm not putting myself through this!"

However, after relaunching with the integrated graphics processor instead of the GPU, all was good, and amazing was game!