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Developed by Infinia Entertainment

Stephan (Codekoto) Programmer, Level designer 

Emir (Anion-Z) Programmer, Animator

Timucin (Wolf-Neon) 2D Artist, Sound designe


You are Project Slorgan, you've been through gruesome experiments that have changed your once Human body into a sickening slime goop. Pushed passed the boiling point, you have decided 'No more!' and have managed to execute an escape. Making your way up the elevator, you've just got to get through the winding halls of Infinia Labs. Though no escape goes exactly to plan, the alarms have been rung and the facility is set to self destruct. As the fires of destruction chase you, you must do all in your power to escape. Good luck.



+Procedural generation

+Intense gameplay keeping players on their toes

+Unique Concept

+Unique movement mechanics

+And a dedicated team ; D

An intense game with multitasking continually redirecting the players attention, and procedural generation obstacles keeping the player on their toes.


Movement: A and D to move left and right.

Jumping: LEFT CLICK and HOLD to activate the aiming of the jump. MOVE MOUSE AROUND  to aim the jump. Jump power increases the longer you HOLD within a limit. By RELEASING the BUTTON  you will jump to the chosen aimed area.

Heart: You PRESS Q  to generate a heartbeat which is used as fuel for the lungs to produce oxygen. Some time at CRITICAL HEART BEAT leads to death.

Lungs: You PRESS to produce oxygen, oxygen is then used to produce energy automatically.

Oxygen: This is used as fuel to produce energy 

*Energy: This is used to fuel any actions taken by the player such as jumping and moving CRITICAL ENERGY LEVEL leads to inability to jump and enormous speed decrease.

Biomass: This is the primary health of Slorgan.


Developer Comments

It has been one hell of an ride making this game. From waking up as early as 4 am to get a headstart in brainstorming concepts and ideas, to staying up as late as 4 am to try and reach the deadline. Working all together in the same physical space day in day out was one of the most beneficial experiences we've had as game developers. It has shown us what working as a team really means and has greatly improved our chemistry as a whole. There were many moments in this journey filled with explosions of joy from each of us and desperate lows as problems arose. We really did work until the very last seconds of Ludum Dare and have been passionate throughout the whole thing. It has been something we will always cherish forever and we will definitely be doing the next Ludum Dare in the same way we did this one. As a team, and together. I hope everyone of you had just as much of a beneficial experience as we did and we hope to see you all in the next one. We'll be keeping an eye out for those of you that caught our attention this time. 

Also make sure to check out our discord server, to stay up to date with our actual games and to keep in touch with us. We're actively on there and would love to see some of you guys hang out there with us!

Contact us on our Infinia Entertainment discord server. 

Discord Server: https://discord.gg/69rpxaF


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Project Slorgan Win.zip 31 MB
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Project Slorgan Linux.zip 35 MB